The Bespoke Jewellery Guide

Have a special occasion coming up? The perfect jewellery can be the cherry on top for any outfit that you might choose to wear.  Maybe you’re looking for something unique? Perhaps a piece that sparks conversation? Jewellery that breaks the ice? Bespoke jewellery is the way to go for you.

Bespoke jewellery is a fully customised to suit your preferences and needs. It’s one that only you will have. It can be inspired by trends, art or even an outfit. The piece is usually handmade by 2-3 craftsmen. 

A common myth is that bespoke jewellery is extremely expensive. But in fact, when you go bespoke, you have complete control over every aspect of the piece of jewellery. You can choose the metal, the quality and size of diamonds, gemstones etc. Wondering how you can co-create a piece of jewellery that’s uniquely yours? Follow the steps below:

1) At Varuna D Jani, we start off with a consultation with our wearer. Varuna would start with understanding your needs - what is the occasion, what outfit are you wearing, what is the budget allocated to this piece? 

Top tip - Carry a picture of the outfit you would like to match if you have something in mind!


2) What style would you like to go for? Here’s a few categories to choose from.

  • Easy Glam - Are you considering something light that you can wear with other pieces that you own? If so, make sure you take pictures of your other jewellery along, so the style can be matched. 

  • Signature pieces - You could consider a bold choice - a cocktail ring, a statement necklace or an ornate pair of earrings? 

  • Classic or Contemporary - your classic outfit could work beautifully with a highly on-trend piece of jewellery, or even vice versa. 

3) As the next step, sketches with multiple jewellery options will be presented to the wearer. 


Top tip: Bespoke jewellery is customised for you, choose one that speaks volumes about your personal style. 

4) Once the sketch is finalised, the long process of creation begins. Measurements are taken to ensure that the jewellery is as comfortable as possible, perfectly mimicking all the contours of the body. Next, the craftsmen at Varuna D Jani build a wax model and silver prototype that the wearer tries on. Only once the wearer is fully satisfied, the jewels get embellished.

Top tip: Think of everything you would want to do when you wear this piece of jewellery and keep that in mind while trying on the jewellery. Comfort is just as important as style!

Your own, unique piece of jewellery is ready for you to adorn. It’s one that’s going to make heads turn and eyes stare. 

At Varuna D Jani, we make bespoke jewellery creation a personalised, luxurious experience for you. Book an appointment with adornologist and designer Varuna D Jani by calling us on +91 98339 33239